Who we are and what we are looking for.....

The Commander Group Ltd is a limited liability corporation in the Province of Ontario that exists to support the private ownership of a 1972 Rockwell Commander 112 aircraft. There are three partners in the corporation that are all mature individuals that enjoying flying for business and pleasure. One of our original founding partners is offering his 1/3 share in the company (which holds the aircraft) for sale due to developments in his life situation (new wife and too many toys).

The aircraft is based in a secure, shared heated hangar at CYKF Kitchener, Waterloo which is a nice mid-sized controlled airfield with multiple IFR approaches, our AME/maintenance is located on the field and full FBO fuelling/service available.

We are looking for similar minded partner that is a mature, seasoned experienced pilot with significant time on complex single engine aircraft. Please GOOGLE where CYKF is located before contacting us and be comfortable with where you live versus where the aircraft is located. We are looking for a partner that wishes to enjoy an equal 1/3 share in a magnificently equipped, low time stable VFR/IFR platform that has an online booking system, excellent availability and is maintained professionally to the highest standards. 

The potential partner must have a well established flying history ( > 300 hours preferred ) and be a safety oriented individual that enjoys participating in a partnership that values, respects and maintains the aircraft to the high standards we have employed and enjoy.

This is one of the best equipped, lowest time Rockwell Commanders in the entire fleet and has served our partnership well for over five years of flying approximately 80-100 hours per year. There are no limits to how much a partner can fly the aircraft while respecting reasonable access for all partners.

If the Rockwell Commander is your kind of airplane, you want to have ownership with a shared cost structure that makes it affordable, like flying/being based out of CYKF and like what you see........send us a message and lets meet.